Spice Girls reform some Zigga Zig Ah!

All smiles on Tuesday (26th June) as The Spice Girls reformed to launch a new West End stage show on London’s Piccadilly strip.

Where it all began.

Reunited for the first time in years, and some ten years since their first single, Wannabe, which became the staple of the band, engulfing “Girl Power” to all females around the globe, all five members, Baby, Sporty, Ginger, Scary and Posh took a snap at the foot of the stairs featured in the very Wannabe single, from 1996, at Euston’s St. Pancras Hotel.

Though body language experts claim all was not as rosy as it seemed, with all girls seeming distant with one another. Posh Spice, aka, Victoria Beckham, fresh off numerous flights over the globe, looked tired, but couldn’t muster a smile in the snap. Mel B’s posture was classed as looking “outward” signifying a closed off connection to the group. The others were seemingly apart also, though Emma Bunton and Mel C kept the momentum in check. Speculation was cast as to any potential upset occurring. This is mild speculation, of course, and one should not fully listen to the newspapers that spout any gossip to create a false sense of meaning to manipulate your mind.

Posh, arriving back home in L.A.

Victoria wanted to jet back to her humble abode in Los Angeles, America, alongside David and the boys to see daughter Harper.

Emma, Geri Halliwell and Mel B partied into the night around London, whilst sporty spice Melanie Chisholm was nowhere in sight.

Emma Bunton, looking glam in Orange

The West End musical, joining the likes of Grease, Ghost and Guys and Dolls will feature a multitude of Spicey hits, written by Absolutely Fabulous comedienne Jennifer Saunders, who once dressed as Ginger Spice in a mock up for single Who Do Ya Think You Are? alongside four other celebs.

The musical will be named Viva Forever. The show’s main story will be based on “a beautiful, talented girl and her best friends who get swept up in the obsession of today’s TV celebrity culture.”

Doors open on December 11th 2012, at the Piccadilly Theatre, London.

Rumours circulated earlier in the year that all spices would participate in the Queen’s Diamond Jubillee celebrations in April. This did not occur.

Others include all five divas opening the Olympic Games ceremony, which has also been denied. Though to encourage sport, females and the games, it may not have been the worst decision to open the extravaganza.