British GQ 2014 Awards and Alternative ones too

British GQ 2014 Awards

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On Tuesday last week British GQ hosted their Awards of the year bash. Meaning Gentleman’s Quarterly, GQ’s awards cast a doubtful shadow over the legitimacy of accuracy and rightful winners, instead plagued with favourites and ‘hot right now’ winners.

Whilst talented some winners such as Peter Capaldi as TV Personality after just One episode of Doctor Who as the new Doctor aired do not show off GQ as a credible entity to look towards, something it usually prides itself on as a brand. We like Peter, but come on, he only had one episode last week.

Cumberbatch accepts award though still deserved and funny too.

Cumberbatch accepts award though still deserved and funny too.

So below, we shall list the Alternative awards with a list of who SHOULD have won and who COULD win also. The SHOULD have won is clear enough. The second, will be who COULD feasibly win for GQ’s reputation to gain interest and be somewhat deserving of the gong over a joint or compromisable decision, keeping the tone of its brand in tact.

Those in bold are the one’s we would have chosen this year. It’s not personal, but these aren’t the ‘give them an award because I like them awards’.


The Alternative British GQ Awards



SHOULDMiles Jupp/Jon Richardson/Lee Mack/John Bishop

COULD –  All of above

DID – John Bishop


Editor’s Special

SHOULD  – Liam Neeson

COULD – David Bowie, Mick Jagger

DID – Liam Neeson



SHOULD – Micheal Roux Jr.

COULD – Either

DID – Tom Kerridge



(no complaints)

SHOULD/COULD/DID – Christopher Bailey



(no complaints)

SHOULD/COULD/DID – Michael Lewis


Breakthrough Fashion Designers

(no complaints)



Hugo Boss Most Stylish Man

SHOULD – Gary Oldman,

COULD – Whoever Hugo Boss decides

DID – Douglas Booth


International Man

SHOULD –  Jon Hamm, Matthew McConaughey, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Chris Hemsworth, Aaron Paul, Peter Dinklage, Ryan Gosling,

COULD – Jon Hamm, Ryan Gosling, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Chris Hemsworth

DID – Jonah Hill



SHOULD – Sir Elton John

COULD – As above

DID – Tony Blair


TV Personality

SHOULD – Josh Bowman

COULD – Ben Whishaw

DID – Peter Capaldi



SHOULD – James Dyson

COULD – Max Waltham

DID – Ewan Venters



SHOULD – Stephen Sutton

COULD – Tom Daley

DID – New Order



SHOULD – Mark Cavendish

COULD – Jenson Button, Mark Cavendish, Bradley Wiggins, George Groves,

DID -Lewis Hamilton



(no arguments)



Special Achievement

SHOULD – Michael Fassbender

COULD – Anyone (in theory)

DID – Paulo Nutini


Vertu Breakthrough

SHOULD – Henry Cavill

COULD – (Anyone young and stylish, in theory)

DID – Jamie Dornan


Solo Artist

SHOULD – Pharrell Williams

COULD – Jake Bugg

DID – Pharrell Williams


Leading Man

SHOULD – Either below

COULD – Damien Lewis, Idris Elba

DID – Colin Firth



(no complaints)




SHOULD – Tom Hiddleston

COULD – Andrew Garfield, Nicholas Hoult, Tom Hardy, Dan Stevens, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch,

DID – Benedict Cumberbatch



(no complaints)




SHOULD – Angelina Jolie

COULD – Dolly Parton

DID – Kim Kardashian



(no complaints)



It wont be long before Nicole, Cheryl, Louis Smith and the like of luvvie duvvies get their gongs at this rate.

One thing you can be sure of, every fashion company will now undoubtedly endorse many of the names printed above. Clearly they can’t think who is deserving and need to pilfer from here. That’s because they are mindless at how to run the show. GQ UK Mag, Esquire and the like can hire me for job roles. Hell, even I would be better as GQ Editor in Chief. Make it happen GQ, I will boost your sales, instead of declining them and your reputation you sought so hard to achieve as a credible focal point, along stars of the mag.

The awards had some questionable winners including Tony Blair and Kim Kardashian.

Richard Dodgson – who organised the GQ Men of the Year Awards – said controversy is no bad thing.

“We like to have celebrities at our event who cause a bit of a stir,” he told BBC Radio 5 Live. “So having Tony was fantastic. We like to have people who have opinions and are forthright.”

Clearly trying to make a name for themselves to gather attention, this has been done in the wrong way and Dodgson clearly sees to lack the nature of grasping media in a correct context to establish brand identity. Instead it made laughable fools of them instead.



Native Monster

The Mirror

12th Doctor Who named. WHO is the best?

The newest takeover of Doctor Who was revealed worldwide on Sunday. The twelfth timelord was officially named as Peter Capaldi.

Capaldi, known for his stern mouth in political drama The Thick of It, whose accolades include and Oscar and Bafta, took the role to some debate.


WHO Are Ya?

Some younger fans had no understanding or knowledge of Capaldi, which can be a good thing if people are willing to give him a chance by judging him once in the role onscreen. Capaldi revealed he was releaved to air his secret, one he kept from his daughter.

Right for the role?

Given his track record and acting experience, Peter is a worthy choice. The role of the Doctor is one that requires a unique quality but has strong presence on screen and only a role so few people can truly undertake. The traditional role was being considered as female or a black star. Fans were not interested in this casting seen only by the ailing BBC corporation to cave in to social pressure and bee seen as a company that can say it is a cultural one in society today. Many see this as caving to Political Correctness which can actual create further fragmented audiences by casting as such. There are some roles in drama series that are not meant to be challenged in this way. Another example is James Bond. We will have something coming on that later in the month.

Fans should give the actor a chance to show his on screen skills before judgement. When Matt Smith took the role as timelord, some fans would support no matter what, in order to protect their fan culture. Though Smith was a fair choice, he and its scripting upset the entire fabric of the Doctor and its sterling work from Christopher Ecclestone and David Tennant for the new generation of WHOvians. Capaldi also starred in an episode of Doctor Who under David Tennants leadership in modern Roman Pompei.

Doctor best?


Which now leads us to a little fan fun for all you reading. Im certain their will be rife debate and you can comment below to let us know your views should you wish. Who was a remarkable or “the best” of the Doctors? They (whoever they are) often suggest anyone who watches the timelord in their childhood takes instant bias to them s their favourite. For the most part, I agree. However Iam completely impartial. I wasn’t born when the Doctor began, but can still recognise the greatness for drama watching re-runs. At the end will be my favourite/best actor of who, with a ranking of all Doc’s.

William Hartnell


Hartnell brought the Doctor to life. Fans adore the original who gave leaps and bounds to create a cultural phenomenon that inspired great storytelling whilst holding sheer style in character. He may have stumbled a few lines, here and there, but hartnell did lay the foundations for a fifty year old icon.

Patrick Troughton


Troughton had the most difficult job to carry the previous Doctor’s work. Held a more goofy manner above everything in his role.

John Pertwee

jon pertwee

John Pertwee had class, style and poignancy. Striking, vibrant and tender in places the thrid Doctor held his own. Viewers came along with him, mystified by the very next action to defeat his foes. Though he was highly underrated by many, Pertwee is one of the all-time greats and highly memorable for his skill. Added with a moral tone, Pertwee.

Tom Baker

Film Title: Dr Who.

The most memorable Doctor and most kooky. Trademark scarf, hat and poise had fans along for the ride with the Doc. Hanging on every word, moment and motion, Baker defined a whole new dimension to the timelord himself.

Peter Davison

peter davison

Davison had a problem. Trying to discover how to make his Doctor different and his own. Following another sterling alien in Tom Baker, Davison was the youngest before Smith. To his credit, Davison kept the old man inside a younger shell narrative to enhance the Doctor’s legitmacy.

Colin Baker

colin b

Baker the second tried to add some colour. But mmost of it was against him. Classed as the worst Doctor, Colin couldn’t find a platform to take off and got lost in the Who shuffle.

Sylvester McCoy


McCoy returned a more eccentric style with a get up that looked a lot like Bedknobs and Broomsticks or Mary Poppins. He can be commended for aiming to return mystery to the spaceman, but was too big a task to challenge. Only after he got the series back to a stable level of TV shows, the production time was over.

Paul McGann

paul mcgann

This doctor only had an hour and a half to prove himself and undoubtedly failed. Though he did retain some qualities to the timelord with an eccentric flavour. Shame as he held strong presence in the role instantly but the decision to regenerate in a timespan episode was beyond him.

Christopher Eccleston


Returned the Doctor after nine long years away. Reformed the classic to a modern era and kept strong individuality whilst being distant, charismatic and pleasurable. Style in abundance. Early departure as role growing surprised viewers but still holds credibility.

David Tennant


Tennant adored the role, established relationships and handled scenes perfectly. Oddball moments that made sense and couldn’t be switched off for even one minute, Tennant’s inquisitive and descriptive unearthy of foreign planet lifestyles further contrasted depth. A troubled Doctor who ran away from one thing alone gave vulnerability to an almost almighty hero. Faultless, timeless and commanding, Tennant not only continued the modern era of Doctor, but melded his own from the previous to continue the legacy. For an alien, he had high humane qualities.

Matt Smith


Smith may be hailed by some who don’t want the feel of the Doctor tarnished, but Smith was lacking in areas. He was a fair choice for the role initially but peaked when given childish dialogue and a more kid friendly demographic that forgot about the grown ups. The child represented wasn’t close to even eight year olds as intended and went lower. So did the series which had many turn off. Though Smith does have some fans and kept Whovians mildly happy.

Since Smith’s takeover the future of Doctor Who looked bleak. Loss of funds, viewers and respect, the series was flagging. While fans will not have their childhood taken from them by insisting Smith did not destroy the lineage of the timelord, Who has a chance to resurrect it with Capaldi. Though it needs to get the writing and function correct or it really will be the final flight of the TARDIS. Stephen Moffat has tried but his scripts, child friendly re-branding and adoration for making a name for himself under the Who brand is causing rippling tension. Russell T Davies and Co’s work for modern Whovians had to change granted, but the change in Moffat’s direction has been lackluster. He even killed off Matt Smith’s timelord twice, and yet did not resurrect any new actors. This alone proves that he does not understand the fabric attached to the narrative arch of the Doctor and cannot be capable of leading the way forward. Under Moffat’s leadership, I feel, the WHO extravaganza is on life support. Eventually, it will flatline should this continue.


(first to last)


Jon Pertwee

David Tennant

Tom Baker

Christopher Eccelston

William Hartnell

Patrick Troughton

Paul McGann

Matt Smith

Peter Davison

Sylvester McCoy

Colin Baker












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