Big Brother UK, week 10 nominations

Big Brother UK,

week 10 nominations

With one week looming toward the final, Big Brother UK cast its final nominations.

Luke S won a free pass to the final last week (see below), as Sara and Luke A sailed through as they received no nominations. Only those receiving at least one nomination, which the show already did last week, saw Ashleigh, Adam, Scott and Deena all face the public vote.

The show revealed one week before the final that there will be a double eviction after numerous teasing and not following through. Viewers cannot fathom as to why this never occurred. The answer is simple, Channel 5 were scared they may not have any people left in the house if they threw everyone out, or that the show would have no spark to continue watching, where most viewers were outraged and turned off after Benedict Garrett was evicted, closely followed by outside Lydia Louisa. Lauren Carre’s unwarranted boot was a final straw. The show has suffered immensely since treating bullies, racists and verbal abusers favourably to maintain a number of housemates instead of a quality output.

Ashleigh is a favourite to leave the house. Deena Uppal is bookmakers favourite to win, though some predict her downfall on Friday. Clearly it will be Ashleigh and Scott who shall leave. Viewers still remember when Scott (and Ashleigh) joined the reprehensible Caroline Wharram in their schemes of gameplay and abusing housemates in the process to survive.

Both were reprimanded for Indian stereotyping

Leaving nothing to imagination, Sara on launch night

On Friday Becky Hatton was evicted from the house. In the show’s “shock twist” they chose to reward two abusive housemates Luke S and Conor McIntyre a chance to walk away with a free pass to the final or a £50,000 reward for pushing a button first. Neither had to push the button and could return to the house. McIntyre wanted to reach the final he claimed, as Luke S aimed to press the button in a cocksure manner of egoism Conor slyly pressed the button after agreeing to sidestep for his counterpart.

Luke S threw items and “fixtures and fittings” usually seen in Big Brother to be unacceptable behaviour resulting in immense punishment, go unpunished, as McIntyre took the money from the winner’s prize fund leaving the other 50k in play.

Conor’s Cash

Big Mac, ‘personal trainer’ Conor, looking a picture.

With Olympic fever the country were united and rejoiced with a nation’s might of winning, dedication, passion, desire and achievement. In Britain, at Big Brother, we rewarded an abusive, racist, thug who threatened to “punch her” and “stuff” certain items including her grooming products “up her ****” numerous expletive comments to her genitalia. This happened early on in the series and Big Brother UK took no action on it. Previous housemates were met with eviction in such cases.

Conor’s transcript that ‘earned’ him £50.000

On his interview, quizzed by host Brian Dowling, McIntyre took no remorse for his comments and aimed to defend his actions stating Deena was awkward to live with. McIntyre had numerous levels of awkward living with almost every housemate he didn’t “like” and often attacked furniture in angry episodes of attack.

Con-man claims he was right

Big Brother production staff and porn owner, Richard Desmond, who also owns newspaper the Daily Star (enough said) highlights the lack of understanding to the product from older variations aiming to run it for a youthful market, distorting reality to form teens who support abusive housemates as role models due to nationality or postcode and create abusive people in society, also claiming “racism” to the nation of Ireland, which is not racism, its nationality.

Viewers claim Desmond is “distorted from Reality”. Do You agree?

The fact kids throw around the lethal word of racism and assume it is a debatable opinion on a housemate, seen on a product, with distorted levels of uneducated persons aiming to attack anyone as a result of a comment that has scope forces the reality of this word to become extremely dangerous. Someone needs to oppose, shutdown or rehire a new production man/crew. I’m available; by the way to form the product credibly or just let it leave peacefully as no good can ever come off of this mockery that is all aiming to sell Desmond’s smutty newsparper alone.

Big Brother Turf Wars week, Neo Nazi revealed

Big Brother, the week that was…

This week in the BB house, four housemates faced nomination for the first time in the series from the standard number of two.

Arron, Becky, Conor and Deena

The weekly task, chose to divide the house into teams, separating couples who choose their best friends to be split up for the week. Daily tasks were scheduled, which saw areas of the house divided. The Green team of Becky, Scott, Luke S, Arron, Deena and Adam won the Kitchen and Bedroom. The Blues, Caroline, Sara, Sheivonne, Ashleigh, Conor, Lauren and Luke A secured the dining and seating area, the garden, complete with hot tub, as well as a secret room, which they could see secret footage of a housemate answering tricky questions selected by those in the secret room.

The four housemates facing eviction were Arron Lowe, 23, Becky Hannon, 19, Conor McIntyre, 24, and Deena Uppal, 23, a former Miss India contestant. After a string of the good or most interesting housemates leaving due to the other groups machiavellian manipulation, Deena looked like the next to be picked off by the pack. Uppal received the most public votes and was saved in an extreme shock to all including the lady herself. Becky was the next to gain the most votes to be saved, leaving best friends Conor and Arron, seemingly inseparable and mischievous “rapscallions” to duke it out. The result was leaked on Twitter before the vote was televised, and sure enough, cage fighter Arron, was the housemate evicted from the house.

Yes, Arron does have a Justin Beiber esq hairstyle

Conor, whom most wished would have left, after his string of vicious comments stating he would punch Deena, and stuff a hairbrush up her intimate female sex organ, as well as insisting he would walk out if Arron left, survived and has remained in the house since.

Some claims set Twitter ablaze once viewers felt Conor, an Irishman, has received the Irish vote in order to stay. Other Irish members of the country, some regions who cannot vote, stated this was not the representation of Ireland, as many felt teenage girls, the main viewership of the show, voted for the personal trainer to stay. It’s all about whom we “fancy” which ruins a portion of the show and its experience viewers believe. Conor’s treatment to females has been drawn into question but those viewers watching.

This week Caroline came under mass scrutiny, where Big Brother claim they “monitor” house behaviour continually when it comes to attention. They have taken no action as yet, where viewers are highly dissatisfied with the levels of abuse from the 20 year old girl.

Last week, she would class one contestant, Adam, as a “gorilla.” “He’s just a ridiculous gorilla – bowl haircut, no sanitation. He’s just disgusting.” This week she claimed Adam was like black liberation human rights activist Martin Luther King, upon seeing Adam stand on a stool in the garden, whilst having a conversation with other housemates.

Viewers were infuriated with such levels of passive racist abuse, which the programmes production team have not intervened on, in order to protect itself from a race storm, in which allow it to continue highly discredits the production further with no action taken.

Of all the people to compare Adam to, most could not understand why it would be Martin Luther King, of all people in the world. Next, she’ll be comparing him to Stevie Wonder, because Adam has braids.

Adam is of African American descent.


Caroline has been infamous in manipulating people to vote out others for minimal reasons she disagrees with, with are illegitimate claims, most of the time.

Caroline claimed she was “obnoxious.” The Lady Macbeth of the house even went as far as to suggest she was “fat” and “ugly” and stated “the fatter I get, the bitchier I become.” Sara gasped in disbelief at another of Caroline’s inconsistent claims that she was “fat.”

In that week, Caroline, who was friends with Sara and Scott, has the tendency to play the game well and choose to destroy her own relationships from within once the spoiled privately expensive educated youngster, at the payment of her parents, which she has continually criticised, swapped Sara for her witches coven of Ashleigh and outsider on the girls side, Shievonne.

Ashleigh and Shievonne

They stated Sara had joined with Lauren, whom the girls had forced out and nominated her for no justifiable reason, to save their own backs, claiming Sara leaving was like “a best friend” turning on them.

Sara, was perplexed and chose to confront Caroline about it. They had briefly ‘made up.’ Caroline was also jealous of fellow posh toff Scott, her best friend in the house. Scott and Becky, who get along, were on the same team, where Caroline was not. She claimed Scott didn’t speak to her in three days, which severely annoyed Scott, calling it “ridiculous” after speaking to her numerous times.

In further passive abusive jibes , the snidey Caroline claimed Luke A, who revealed from the first week he was born a female initially, and has been charismatically calm and considerate to all, and seen as a true, caring friend to some, was described by Caroline as someone who would aimlessly wander around with a rucksack and anorak. She also called him the bitchiest housemate.

Her alliance member Ashleigh who despises Lauren because Lauren briefly got on with Luke S, classed as the ‘hunk’ of the house because he has muscles, who is now “dating” Ashleigh in the house, saw the insecure Essex girl, obsessed with sex and swearing, try to influence votes saying to get “Lauren out” which was entirely false fabrication. No one shouted this at all. It was a lie.

Some claim this relationship is fake between the two and for cameras only…

Sunday night presenter on sister show Alice Levine claimed Caroline’s comments were “humorous” which perhaps Big Brother’s production team feel are sustainable to allow such crude, borderline racial slurs and vehemently personal abuse with her vicious tongue unleashed.

The final moment of Caroline’s abuse saw the secret task room, in which housemates selected Adam to face the questions to expose his thoughts, whilst watching secretly from the next room, where Caroline almost jumped out of her seat calling him a “w*nker” in such a disparaging way voiced that shows how one truly feels about another.

True feelings come out when part of a group cluster to attack another person and influence the minds of others. Caroline would end her laughing at Adam with a full on Nazi Salute, raising her right arm in true dictatorial fashion.

Caroline previously claimed she would rather be in the company of Hitler, the German dictator who slaughtered and mass murdered anyone who did not fit his brief of blonde hair and blue eyes. The salute aired last night, on Sunday 8th July 2012.

Ashleigh among others claimed they did not know what a Nazi was.

I do not mentioned words lightly, however Caroline has been exposed as a Neo Nazi which Big Brother is continuing to allow and must take action immediately. It is a shambolic disgrace this consists our society, which has moved forward on levels of equality with race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality and religious faiths.

No other production would have allowed this to develop as far as this has.

There is no excuse for it.