Losers! England crash out of Rugby World Cup first


England crash out of Rugby World Cup first

Hunky but

Hunky but futile

Host nations England crash out of the Rugby World Cup as first team in the preliminary stages.

After a crushing defeat from Australia on Saturday, England leave the World Cup first, in the group stages of the contest. Previous games against Fiji and Wales were tense and a costly mistake from Captain Chris Robshaw pretty much determined their fate.

It echoes the dastardly Football World Cup some two years ago, when England lost out instantly in the preliminaries with an embarrassing defeat.

So why did the England team lose? All of the players in the England line-up had close connections with Royals, celebrity girlfriends and Conservative politicians, all of whom were using the sport to further selfish career goals. Their chances to get on gay lads mags, play victims with sympathy and gain column inches for a showbiz photoshoot left the team without any focus. Their connections on hoping Royalty will serve them well and press reports of hanging out with the blue blood would raise their affinity. The Conservative politicians used the sport to try and make ‘Britain great’ again. The up talk with no actual anything other than words of spluttered feathers and arrogant self-loathing has made the sport doomed from its beginning.  There was no focus in PR, no team strength, no connection, silly opportunistic WAGs and corruption at the heart with politicians and Royals. Brooken Britain can never look great and is doomed until it figures a real way to fix it. People too close to the sport failed to know what to do and assumed they could make it happen because it is their little bubble and won’t take any advice from reality. This is the result.


Many felt the show was only for the ‘Prawn Cocktail Brigade’ a phrase meaning only for the elite with money to burn. The ticketing farce of the World Cup so ultra-extortion with costs up to £200+ for seats, echoing the empty seats debacle at the London 2012 Olympics. Since then the “Olympic legacy” banded around by politicians has simply eroded into nothing. They continue to add in idiotic phrases like “Rugby legacy.” Will they ever learn? This does not encourage people to believe or adopt such imbecilic arrogance.  Politicians still remain out of touch with the real world and are nasty at including anyone to the sport, therefore meaning sport, let alone Rugby will not grow.

No-one ever wants to listen to FalseFabs but we tell them in advance. Perhaps they should make us their sports ambassador to get it going again.UK Sport has remained a complete embarrassement and every one of them fails. They have no understanding of reality or how the main world works and this becomes costly. The prices and lack of sport encouragement with courrpt forces involved does not support logical development. Then there is the PR side. Many are too focused on advertising deals or posing near naked on gay lads’ magazines to get some gay attention, pocket the cash and dupe that audience. It still didn’t work. Then there are the WAGs. Who cannot help themselves by overindulging in some media spotlight and going to all the wrong ones for attention. Every part of UK sport is flawed has no concept and doesn’t become inclusive to all who want and are needed to develop it. Hence the Prawn Cocoktail brigade wins, and with it their hopes of elite gaming fails as a consequence. Until you figure out what to do and continue to crash out in utter embarrassments that alienate the fans for good, to the point of none being left to make a substantial change, Rugby like many other UK sports is stuffed. The same formula cannot push it forward. We are not telling you unless you wish to liaise. It’s your own fault. We are here, but come crying when it’s all over and you failed to see the light. We can also coach, strategise on the board or be an ambassador to sport development if you prefer. It’s up to you. It’s not getting any better. Fans consider Rugby to be a better sport than Football, however Football, with bad role models, is still overly popular and more generally inclusive making Rugby forever in Football’s shadows.




The shame of the Rugby World Cup 2015. Access to the Prawn Cocktail Brigade

Anyone hoping for a fun and thrilling sporting experience over the next six weeks with the Rugby World Cup may be wasting their time.

An extortionate, money making exercise, filled with advertising and sponsorship deals and nothing about the fans.

The hypocrisy surrounding the lacklustre programming by ITV and its hard push with players, opportunistic trainers and coaches and nothing about the actual game proves the show is a total sham.

The first step for fans is the ticketing process, which is insanely extortionate.

The profiled videos of stars ‘following their stories’ is poor, typical and pathetic. It says nothing about them and further alienates the game from the fans and the issue the World Cup is meant to be about, the game.

Once again money makers have turned it into a cheap and tacky ‘interview the players’ get their stories and talk up all the aesthetics behind it. Yet there is nothing about the game or fans coming through. It is a waste of time that proves why Rugby can never be as big as it claims, always in football’s shadow.

The pompous, self benefit of England hosting the World Cup was an opportunity to make it great again. Instead Britain, the players, organisers and government have turned the show into a money making farce in which fans truly lose out. There is no ‘Olympic Legacy’ coin in here.

In 2012 London hosted the amazing spectacular of the Olympic Games. Everyone respected it. However its problems were paramount. The UK Tory government’s desperation and self arrogance was all about bragging that London can host and encourage people into sport, especially the Cameron Youth Movement. Leader of the country by chance, David Cameron, who was never democratically elected, bleated on continuously as he does that the World Cup would “inspire” and create a generation. Cameron wanted the kids to take up sport. The same Cameron who had already and then after the Olympics’ sold off ‘green space’ fields and school fields where people may be able to play, train and practice. The use of the word ‘legacy’ is a cool buzzword that had never materialised and continues to fail. The Tory government are an autocue of text that means nothing filled with their own disgrace to try and make their world of sport, instead of an actual world that encourages fans in.

David Cameron manages to sully everything. Wherever he is, there is corruption. The totalitarian dictator, whose infamous Olympic Legacy was filled with the ’empty seats’ debacle which gave free seats to big business who never turned up and extortionate prices sidelining the fans from attending left them with eggs on their faces. But the Tories would not take responsibility. Fast forward to 2015, and the same mistakes have been made. In that space, not one improvement has been made, fees have raised and sport has suffered. No-one has been interested to play the game as the so called ‘next generation’ of political buzzwords.

The Rugby World Cup is a corrupt sham hosted on stained soil that sully’s England’s reputation. Everything England hopes to aim for is broken by the background of abuse at the heart of corrupt advertisers, players and politicians all rearing their head for a slice of the penny pinching pie.

Leading organisers of the Rugby World Cup informed all players to stay out of the spotlight for the first two weeks, in hopes to not ruin the reputation of all involved, including partners of players to behave accordingly.

The game was further ruined by England’s disgraced players posing for attention on Gay Lads Magazines for a fee and taking all their clothes off using people to get a fanbase. When James Haskell isn’t whoring himself out for his own selfish desires, he’s porking the disgustingly talentless Chloe Madeley, a nobody who used Social Media as an excuse to help the Tory government created biased laws. Madeley, famous for her presenting parents alone, used media and politicians to change laws to be constantly oppressive when fundamentally unnecessary. Madeley, who caused the controversy herself by taking all her clothes off, posing in bikini’s and provocative natures on Twitter, played the victim. Madely has had numerous boyfriend’s and dumped one to be with Haskell just months before the World Cup to be a WAG.

Once finally upon us, with the warbling of Paloma Faith opening the Rugby World Cup and the TV station of ITV’s painful coverage and predictable ‘stick a table on the pitch’ and ‘a few chairs upstairs’ does not make it a unique or closely fulfilling experience.

Almost every advert was filled with certain, handpicked stars in advertising and sponsorship deals which highlighted just how distorted the game is. It is nothing about the game. The players are all in it for themselves and the game is an extortionately priced rip off that is only deemed for the ‘Prawn Cocktail Brigade’. It is a sham that neglects its people once again from the game, when it should be open to all who wish to be a part of such. The game cannot be anything more as it is simply a closed off club of elites that have access and none else. A social, cherrypicking nightclub doorman entry pass does not push the boundaries of inclusion to all who love the game. Even the cheap seats range near the £200 mark.

The Rugby World Cup is something that cannot be respected, as all the hands and organisers surrounding it have filled it with such corruption that it is stuck in its box. It will never break out and always be the sport that tried to trounce football and failed miserably. Players, advertisers and organisers should learn how to make the Cup greater. Lining pockets with gold and extortionate while chatting here and there to ‘get the message out’ is a naive and pitiful attempt at boosting its credibility. It has none and is further exposed as a complete sham. Gone are the days of Legend Johnny Wilkinson, who even at his height as England Captain, was neglected as its top star.

England, its politicians, advertisers, organisers and players have kept the game back into the stages of a buzzword than an actual ‘legacy’. The UK makes the same mistakes everytime, and everyone of them is to blame. Convincing yourself its successful because you say so and hope so doesn’t make it so. Rugby is an elite sport for the rich and nothing more than a joke to all its viewers. This sport has no level of grace, dignity and respect and is therefore redundant.