Was David Moyes Man Utd sacking a planned takeover?

Sack, Flack and Prat. Was Moyes scapegoat

for cheatster Giggs?


Adulterer and scandalous football player Ryan Giggs was hurried into the position of manger at Manchester United to replace then manager David Moyes. Conducted in suspicious circumstances, Giggs, who had a secret affair and attempted to block the leak on Twitter and other social media outlets has been hailed as a disgrace to the role. Whilst football fans, especially young ones look for role models, Giggs is not in that frame whatsoever.


Moyes, the main focus of this brunt was shafted by the club and its American owners Avram and Joel Glazer, (above) sons of involved shareholder Malcolm Glazer after ten months of bad management. On the day Moyes was sacked, rather publicly than professionally, United’s stock market value increased.

Moyes himself claims he was set up and made a scapegoat for a public sacking to have United been seen to be doing something about it. Attempting to manipulate the fans, the owners parachuted Giggs in within hours of Moyes departure. Was this a set up all along?


Despite Moyes being publicly sacked in such way, he wasn’t the greatest of manager. But without much support from players, owners and aspiring fans, it could be argued Moyes needed that very support that Sir Alex Ferguson gave to him.

As Fergie’s natural successor, Sir Alex saw something in Moyes that could continue the legacy of the club. Perhaps long stay Giggsy saw an opportunity to shove Moyes aside. It is not impossible to suggest the players were influenced by Giggs’ lockerrom gameplay instead of his average on pitch performances.

Sharing a chuckle with the 'Class of '92' setup

Sharing a chuckle with the ‘Class of ’92’ setup

American owners tend to assume the preference to the club and fans is a long stay name with a high profile and good on pitch record. The only one in the room was Giggs. They wanted Moyes out and Giggs knew it.

fergie al

Man United is in trouble. not only switching around, but choosing someone not capable based on a player profile alone which spells another disaster waiting to occur.

It is not in any context professional or respectable for the sport or the management of those involved with the club. The fans are the ones who suffer. Outside of Fergie, the management is flawed.

So footie managers beware, because your players will shove you to the sidelines when an opportunity to be a national, public hero arises. Especially if the player has been an off pitch cheat too. This is the only nature it seems they know.

One thing remains, Manchester United, Giggs and the owners have all earned themselves a messy reputation despite fans minimally cheering to hope the club retains some glory. Fans will often accept anything to have a turnaround and clubs know it. They will abuse that position to restore a faith that lies on unhealthy role models and club depravity, which can only every lead to more skeleton’s out of the cupboard.



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Beckham shunted from Team GB squad

David Beckham was sensationally shunted out of a place on the Olympic football team, decided by Team GB boss, and manager of Manchester City, Stuart, now dubbed “Stu-pid” Pearce.

Pearce was able to select three “over-age” players, consisting of Craig Bellamy, Micah Richards and media stud Ryan Giggs over the 37 year old Beckham, who also became an ambassador for the Olympic Bid (in 2005) with some of Britain’s sporting heroes including Athletics runner, Dame Kelly Holmes, and Politician Tony Blair, to name a few.

The patron, who made it clear he would love to represent the country, once again, was left in seclusion by the decision.

Many once again question the validity of the Olympic Games, its organisers and Pearce.

In 1994, Pearce verbally cast a racial slur at player Paul Ince, calling him a black c**t. Pearce later admitted this, and claimed it “was not appropriate at the time.” Pearce has also been a raging alcoholic in the past.

Former England defender Danny Mills claimed “Stuart Pearce doesn’t always like confrontation and he’s struggled with big players in the past. Maybe he’s thinking that what Beckham brings with him is too much to handle.” Pearce instead felt Ryan Giggs, fresh off his own public misdemeanours, would bypass this problem.

Beckham has an astonishing 109 caps, surpassing the late Bobby Moore’s record in the sport.

Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp stated that “Stuart can kiss goodbye to a knighthood but credit him for being brave. He’s the manager and should pick who he wants.”

Even Newcastle native Alan Shearer chipped in. “I’m amazed as I thought he was going to be part of it after all he’s done getting the Olympics to London. “If Stuart Pearce had no intention of playing him, the very least he could have done was tell him so earlier.”

Chairman of the Olympic committee Lord Coe is expected to give Beckham a role for the event somewhere, for his sterling work in putting a stamp on the occasion.

Spurs midfielder Harry Kane also believed Beckham would have encouraged more dignified youth in football, as well sport overall – “David Beckham was down here at Spurs when he was getting fit, and it was amazing to see him in the dressing room, to talk to him because he has been through it all and is one of the greatest role models ever,” when Becks participated in a few training sessions at the hotspot down in Chigwell, Essex.

Becks also had two sites, one in L.A and the other in London comprising the David Beckham Academy, set up in 2005, encouraging others to train in football, which was forced to close in 2009.

Some people come to see Beckham for his talent; others come to see his raw hotness. Either way, with David out of the squad, most ticket sales look gloomier than usual. Many would have paid to see Beckham, without a shadow of a doubt.

If there’s one man in football, who strikes a chord with everyone, in a positive light, its David Beckham.