New England Football Captain named

New England Captain officially named

rooney cap

After Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard announced his retirement from International football as England Captain, Manager Roy Hodgson has officially named his successor.

Taking the reins as new England Captain is Manchester United Ace Wayne Rooney.

The star, whose temper tantrums can often affect gameplay on and off the pitch was granted the job by the squad leaders yesterday.

Many believe Rooney was selected due to being ‘leftovers’ and having no-one else in line. Rooney was handed the role as ‘next in line’ as a loyalty package rather than a skill or PR image. Decisions such as this can often distort clarity to the legitimacy of the ‘beautiful game’ regarding fans, advertisers and national enthusiasts. Roy Hodgson clearly felt a public backlash and has hoped this will earn him some respect with fans after Roy rejected Rooney at the World Cup months ago as an upfront striker, something FalseFabs recognised as necessary to succeed.

gerrard retires

Hodgson, who is fastly losing respect as an manager famously crashed out of the FIFA 2014 World Cup earlier this Summer in the preliminary stages of the competition.

Roy’s Boys

With virtually none left to raise or hand rear as the next player/s to succeed (which is a damaging prospect for the game) and the squad a a team filled with empty roles and no star to ascend is not good. The team seem to remain continually stuck in the past, never capable of evolving into a modern and well rounded team filled with a score of players who can contribute to English football success. Should have given me the job. (I’m still available.)

roy hodge

The England Captaincy does not come without shambolic connotations. While many fans young and old see footballers as role models, all England Captain’s have been involved in some type of scandal in modern eras. Rooney was most famous for bedding prostitutes as a player, including an Old Aged Pensioner and recent Celebrity Big Brother winner Helen Wood who worked as a call girl.



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World Cup’s sexiest footballers list 2014


World Cup 2014’s hottest ‘fitballers’ list


So the World Cup is almost over, but if your still in need of the hottest boys on the pitch, here’s a guide to the fittest footballers of the 2014 World Cup. The majority are all round studs the World have liked all over. We’ve been kind enough, however to list at least one of each country, showing there is always something for everyone. They are decided in no particular order.

Below we have ordered them in terms of all listed as by appeal decided by fans and their interactions over the duration of the football contest.



Mats Hummels

mats hum

Per Mertesacker

per mert
Mario Gotze

mario gotze
Philipp Lahm

Andre Schuerrle

andre schuerrle


Dries Martens

dries martens
Eden Hazard

eden hazard
Kevin Miralias

kev mirallas
Kevin De Bruyne

de bruyne
Jan Vertonghen

jan vort
Toby Alderweireld

toby alder


Gerard Pique

gerard pique

Iker Casillas

Sergio Ramos

sergio ramos hot

Cesc Fabregas



Joe Hart

joe hart wett
Frank Lampard


Adam Lallana

adam lallana
Steven Gerrard

steven gerrard
Jordan Henderson

Ben Foster

Ben Foster
Daniel Sturridge



Olivier Giroud

olivier g

Yohan Cabaye


Holland / Netherlands

Robin Van Persie


Joel Veltman

joel veltman
Wesley Sneijder








Xherdan Shaqiri

Xherdan Shaqiri
Haris Seferovic



Matt Besler

matt besler
Graham Zusi



James Rodriguez

james rod
Jackson Martinez



Carlos Carmona

Mauricio Pinilla



Andrea Barzagli



James Troisi

james troisi
Mitch Langerak

mitch langerak
Dario Vidosic

Australian Socceroos Portrait Session
Mathew Lockie

matt leckie


Fabrice Olinga



Javier Hernandez

javier chic
Francisco Rodriguez



Orestis Karnezis


Bosnia and Herzogovinia

Emir Spahic

emir spahic
Mensur Mujdza


Korea Republic

Ha Dae Sung

ha dae sung


Daniel Daivari

daniel davari
Ehsan Hajsafi



Martin Demichelis

Lucas Biglia

lucas biglia


Christiano Ronaldo

c ronaldo
Joao Moutinho

Joao Moutinho


Jordan Ayew

Olympique Marseille's Jordan Ayew celebrates his goal against AS Nancy during French Ligue 1 soccer match in Nancy


Aleksandr Kokorin

Aleksandr Kerzhakov



Jerry Bengtson


Costa Rica

Yeltsin Tejeda


Ivory Coast

Didier Zokora



Cristhian Stuani

Nicolas Lodeiro



Fidel Martinez



Yoichiro Kakitani



Ogenyi Onazi

Football - 2013 Africa Cup of Nations Finals - Final - Nigeria v Burkina Faso - National Stadium - Johannesburg


Nabil Ghilas

File picture of Ghilas


Danijel Pranjic


Of all listed we would rank them in this order (1 being highest) not based on favourite countries or players.

1. Sergio Ramos

2. Gerard Pique

3. Olivier Giroud

4. Maurici Pinilla

5. Robin Van Persie

6. Jordan Henderson

7. Andrea Barzagli

8. Mario Gotze

9. Frank Lampard

10. Joe Hart

11. Ehsan Hafsaji

12. Steven Gerrard

13. Neymar

14. James Rodriguez

15. Kevin De Bruyne

16. Adam Lallana

17. Mats Hummels

18. Oscar

19.  Andre Schurrle

20. Yohan Cabaye

21. Joel Veltman

22. Dries Martens

23. Daniel Sturridge

24. Toby Alderweireld

25. Carlos Carmona

26. Dario Vidosec

27. Graham Zuzi

28. Ben Foster

29. Mathew Lockie

30. Jan Vertonghen

31. Orestis Karnezis

32. Wesley Sneijder

33. Nicolas Lodeiro

34. Iker Casillas

35. Mitch Langerak

36. Kevin Miralias

37. Phillipp Lahm

38. Matt Besler

39. Javier Hernandez

40. James Triosi

41. Aleksadr Kerzhakov

42. Cristiano Ronaldo

43. Joao Moutinho

44. Daniel Pranjic

45. Francisco Rodriguez

46. Cristhian Stuani

47. Xherdan Shaqiri

48. Martin DeMichelis

49. Cesc Fabregas

50. Mensur Mujdza

51. Yoichiro Kakitani

52. Didier Zokora

53. Nabil Ghilas

54. Jackson Martinez

55. Eden Hazard

56. Per Mertesacker

57. Haris Seferovic

58. Jordan Ayew

59. Fabrice Olinga

60. Emir Spahic

61. Daniel Daivari

62. Ha Dae Sung

63. Aleksandr Kokorin

64. Jerry Bengtson

65. Lucas Biglia

66. Yeltsin Tejeda

67. Fidel Martinez

68. Ogenyi Onazi

Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below.



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England crash out of World Cup 2014

England leave Brazilian World Cup

after early preliminary exit


Since Thursday’s crushing defeat by Uruguay and Italy’s follow up loss to Costa Rica, England have crashed out of the 2014 World Cup making it the first early exit for 24 years. The extravaganza, from Rio de Janeiro in host nation Brazil, blame, disappointment and upset spurred from fans of the Three Lions squad.

 What exactly was England’s problem and can it be rectified?

The manager

roy hodgson team

As with every defeat, the manager is always the first point of call for blame. Instant calls for manager Roy Hodgson to step down were sent out by disheartened footie lovers. Hodgson, who was revealed not to give his players a pep talk before heading onto the pitch and instead allows them to quietly contemplate what the match means to them may be a starting point of enthusiastic flaw. Whilst Hodgson does not need to give huge loving appraisals to boost his team’s spirits with a heavy spout of shout, the team could benefit with a tad of enthusiasm. With a confidence boost England can thrive fuller to an extent and develop a compact beginning to tighten their on pitch performance as a unit.

We don’t believe Hodgson should resign after one entry but the formation of the team was simply to ‘look diverse’ and ‘give everyone a chance to play’ which did not benefit the team overall. Caving into PR pressure on look than skill has marred England’s shabby performance this World Cup season.

The players

england team

New and fresh faces were added to boost a newer, fresh opportunity. The goalkeeper is the second cause of blame for letting the goal pass through to the net, obviously. While Joe Hart isn’t the best goalie out there, Mr. Elastic Man is tall, compact and stable. His catching of the ball from afar, playing more football than the players in the game and maintaining as much defence as possible is a credit unwarranted by many. Hart should not have been allowed to be so easily exposed. His teammates were not there on defence and all upfront. Where were the defence? The defence push themselves forward with all on attack. This itself leaves Hart alone and vulnerable. The only star player of the match, especially in the floundering Uruguay match, was the heading sensation Gary Cahill. The twenty-eight year old’s passion, agility and attempts to get stuck in and defend were an outstanding display that shamed the rest of the team. He needs to be used more.

The shocking actions that Frank Lampard was on the bench instead of on the pitch was a choice that is questionable. Lampard has the skills, drive and gumption to boost a forward thrust on the pitch.

joe hart elastic man

Mr. Elastic Man Joe Hart dives for the ball

Wayne Rooney complained he needed to be placed as its top striker. Instead Darren Sturridge and Raheem Sterling were the key players here. Both were doing good jobs as strikers but in the Uruguan game they were misplaced and unfortunately agreeing with Rooney, he should have been switched with Sterling, and Lampard then in Rooney’s position.

The team of young stars are a benefit to England. Baines and Henderson in particular were two who really drove a new front of defence and support, Welbeck, Jagielka and Lallana should continue to be utilised well. With more training and refinement, they could become stable positions for the squad.

The squad

eng squad

Perhaps they can offer me a position on the management team.

The system

Cahill (centered) with the team, Sturridge, Lallana and Rooney (L-R)

Cahill (centered) with the team, Sturridge, Lallana and Rooney (L-R)


The system may be broken. With managers of clubs being too old and not young enough to drive full connections to the players and the game, is the job of manager and England’s team behind the scenes predominantly for old age men with no other prospects to clutch onto something other than retirement? Such decision could be sapping the lifeforce from the game by not allowing a younger range of influence to really drive home from an old gentleman’s club. This doesn’t mean expelling all the old players for young ones, the players are not the full problem of the system flaws.

Media and public

joe hart has

Flaky free.

Are we expecting too much of England before they began? Pure fan lovers of the game will thrust the need to win to establish faith in the game. As with others, hoping for the best actually doesn’t put such pressure on the team. England’s problem is to continue a level of complacency and fail to concentrate when the game is in full swing.

With more focus on adverts and media support than the game itself, the team have placed themselves into a level of ‘see how it goes’ rather than a fuller focus of making the game a success in live action. Is it all about pocketing a big chunk of salary and giving a half-hearted performance? Media makes money for clubs and the advertisers want the big and new names to front their campaigns. There is nothing wrong with good promotion but when it affects the priorities of the high earning stars and its head offices it needs to readdress the love for the game and its fans.

This World Cup for England wasn’t about winning; we are all sure about that. The point was to put in a decent performance and go far whilst recognising and building a new team mixed with old and new stars. This would give a balance of driving a new way forward for England and this needs to be continued. The problem is that England’s passion is simply not there. Whilst they have a quietened love for doing well the love is not passion. When those who have passion develop, they become too wayward with their focus and cannot contain it. England need to think and be tactile. They pass the ball, score a goal and then sit back and rest.

They need to have a closer team bond on the pitch and interconnect with a tighter unity. When Suarez scored his final goal in the Uruguay match, he was on the outside, all alone and had a clear run of the goal line with only Cahill attempting to protect Hart. Decisions like this is clear on England’s positions. It has great defence when it wants to, but when approached with a threat, whilst it has strong action to keep at bay, one always slips through the net. Saddening for fans and damaging for lively supporters, if England hone their skills, they can be much closer to a World Cup entry that we can really be proud of. Younger connections will be needed to mix with what is seen as an old, outdated and disintegrated underline of British football which aims to please fans, but simply rewards the old and unappealing financial games.



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