UK TV Review 22/03/14 – 30/03/14

Missed Last Week’s TV? Well, we caught a few programs so you didn’t have to. Here’s the best (or worse) of the week.




The Voice UK, BBC1

Saturday evening’s reality TV slice offered The Voice UK. After reaching the semi finals and whittling teams down to two on each, it was all too hard, blotchy and constrained to watch. The two hour show was heavy, boring and tired out. More of the dominating story was the revelation new series coach Kylie Minogue, now known by the BBC as Kylie, decided to leave next year. Committed to her new tour dates alone which take up much time, the show plans to schedule around Kylie’s schedule. This then prompted to claim he’d leave if Kylie did. Then Ricky Wilson, (yeah, i know) claimed he would go too if she left. Earlier revealed by media weeks ago was the case that Ricky was likely to be booted off by the producers. Even Sir Tom Jones wasn’t allowed off the hook. Producers backstage are annoyed of his one word niceties and being too empty and boring. One things for sure, this show is slowly evaporating on UK shores, which proves two things. One, the BBC have no clue how to handle a reality TV, especially a sing off show. Two, the show just can’t seem to survive being boring and running out of steam. Institutions as such are always the one’s who ruin a show. Britain doesn’t have a clue how to run it, because, simply put, all the wrong people are behind the production desk. And so, a show will simply lose its core soon enough. Don’t worry though, X Factor won’t be gloating for long either. That’s on borrowed time.

Rev, BBC2

On Monday Rev returned. A comedy series featuring a reverend. Played by not the average actor, Tom Hollander, who manages to make the role his own and is pleasing to watch for thirty minutes. Adding to the dry, subtle comedic value is partner and mother of their child, Olivia Coleman. All round thumbs up on this one so far.

Shop Secrets, Channel 4

Shop secrets exposes the techniques how shop and market traders con buyers into parting with bundles of cash by telling them interesting little fibs. Telling a customer the fashion is “vintage” and “this season” in fashion, among other trades, this is interesting and yet annoying at times. So far its bearable, but should stick to being focused than pic and mix in a sweet shop.

Mary Berry Cooks, BBC2

After a quick flick over whilst looking for anything else, before the end of the show, we manage to see old pastry chef from the 1940s Mary Berry pop in, well, berries, into a flange filled roulade. What an image that was. 😮

The Missing, Channel 4

Wednesday gave us a more meaningful documentary following the lives of loved ones searching for people in their lives who have disappeared. One wasn’t found, another was and wished to remain away from his previous roots escaped from and the other a mystery partner abandoning their car. It’s a little like US drama Without A Trace.

Compelling and tender this was strong. Some families can be abusive and drive loved one’s away. Others do not wish to be found or associated with their former hardship once broken free. Some cannot help their disappearance while others sadly take their own lives. Most tend to leave of their own accord due to either domestic or emotional in house abuse. The rest disappear or remove themselves because of the harsh and evil benefit reforms or welfare cuts as they are known from a foreboding and unforgivable government abusing common folk. This should teach you one thing if you love someone dearly. Don’t vote in someone you know will willingly ruin your life which you know will happen if you tick their box. You really don’t know what you have until it is gone. Then, it is too late. Value your family, whether it is close friends or relatives that make it so. You only have one set.

Auf Wiedersehen, My Pet, ITV1

On Wednesday dog owner Tim had to face an agonising choice to give up his beloved pet pooch, Baloo. Unable to give him the support and time due to his heavy work schedule, Tim selected his Staffordshire bull terrier to a new home. This show however, meets three hopefuls vying for the well trained, loveable mutt. Faced with a legal secretary, wannabe dog owner with a young family and retired couple with previous dogs, we can say Tim made the right choice. He chose the legal secretary. Usually a typical and daft programme genre ITV cook up on the fly, this was actually a good show, granted it was one episode caught. We’ll have to see if it has further value down the road. Though ITV are now forcing viewers to register an account on its catch up service ITVPlayer to watch recaps. Laughable management will not make people sign up to watch based on demands over free will. Change it back to free with the option, or lose your custom base. Commercialisation with dictation does not work and only ever ruins your reputation.

Mammon, More 4

If you like Scandinavian/Nordic drama’s this could interest you. A new, eerie and smooth drama with fictional setting that instantly captivates. The Norwegian import is another in the line of dramas such as The Killing and Salamander. Many however, might be put off to read subtitles on a Friday evening after a long week of work.

And so Sunday arrives once more, with nothing available (again.)

As it goes, this week was quite empty and boring, TV wise. With all these channels, why is it so difficult to have interesting content? It’s not difficult. Or maybe it is for some. Maybe this means old formats are past it which drive TV to online stations or new content elsewhere. TV may be around for eternity, but it may means less reliance is moving forward from it. Put something good on, and all will be forgiven.


Billy Howard

Strictly Come Dancing Results: Week 4

Strictly Results,  Week 4

I Give It A Year - After Party - London

This week’s results are in as hostess Tess reveals which couples will dance again next week in no particular order. Safe for now is Mark and Iveta, Natalie and Artem, Deborah and Robin, Abbey and Aljaz, Ashley and Ola.
The first couple facing the dance duel is Rachel and Pasha. Shock? Maybe but it was only a matter of time. Must drive harder in transparency and deliverance instead of over concentrating on the night which can suffer awkwardness with routine.

Andrea Begley

Dancing in the Dark

andrea begley scd

Winner of The Voice UK series 2 takes to her debut performance with her first single. Partially sighted Andrea gave a smooth, evangelic start to the song with a mellow tone throughout.


Len’s lens

Once again we peer through the lens of Len to discover all the extra missed bits from Saturdays glitzed up show. On offer this from the judges and host Claudia Winkleman were Mark and Iveta replay f slowed down voice from Mark for Len’s pleasure. Bruno added “Looked like a huge golden carp gasping for air.” Len critiques Patrick’s Cha Cha with good rhythm. Darcey discusses Ben’s lift of Kristina tossing her round like a rag doll. Craig was asked about Natalie’s cane catching capabilities. Claude moves on to Ashley’s arms. Craig and Bruno debated the stiffness. Swan Lake demo from Bruno also. Bruno and judges laughed hysterically over a gaff on Rachel’s comments as Tonioli laughed his backside off his chair.

bruno off chair

Off his rockin’ chair


Next batch safe is – Ben and Kristina, Sophie and Brendan, Patrick and Anya, Dave and Karen and Susanna and Kevin.

The couple facing the dance off is Julien and Janette while Fiona and Anton are safe to next week.



Everybody’s Changing


Belting out one of their greatest hits was “BRIT Award winners” Keane, Tess mentioned at the beginning of the programme. A good composition for the show’s surrounding and sang well once again. Oh, hang on, this is the new guy who is in one of the four seats for The Voice UK series 3. (Under filming) Did you just tweak that?


The dance off

Rachel and Pasha


Johnny Got a Boom Boom – Imelda May


Too much time focusing on the safe instead of getting into dance does impact dance. Riley had a few similar kicks and seemed to be enjoying it a little more than first time. More comfortable on the floor but should have that first time round to avoid. Her clothes didn’t help either with viewers. Not one part of them matches. Eying the glitterball may be a huge ay off if she continues this rate of play.


Julien and Janette


Spice Up Your Life – The Spice Girls


Guilty pleasure Julien works his partner well and keeps strength in his own independence on the floor. Good arms wrap around again. Working enthusiasm on the floor. Despite dance lack in parts, has one of the best partnerships in the contest which has been key to survival too.


The Judges Vote

strictly judges

Craig – Dance the best on the night, Rachel and Pasha.

Darcey – Both hundred times better from last night. For me, goes down to difficulty of the dance. Rachel and Pasha.

Bruno – I have to go for content, skill and storytelling. My favourite dance was from Rachel and Pasha.

Len – I would have voted exactly the same. Rachel and Pasha.

Julien thanked for his experience “Like to thank all the people who voted at home and the audience. The judges, even Craig. Had an amazing time, best experience of my life. I hope I’ve spiced up “everybody’s life up.

Janette said of her partner MacDonald “I don’t know someone who has put in most hours to make it work. As my first partner on Strictly, I’m so happy.”

Strictly’s guilty pleasure is now gone and there is no room for error from the rest of the dancing pack.


Strictly Bingo

A couple more dabs have come off! Come on Strictly, go the whole hog over the series.

scd bingo copy




Voice UK Series 2 winner crowned

After last night’s final of the second series, The Voice UK crowned its winner.


Stunning the competition with her sensual and tender vocals, Andrea Begley, 27, from County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, won the contest over favourite Leah McFall, Mike Ward and Matt Henry.


Final Four. Winner Andrea, country singer Mike, lookalike Matt and frizzy diva Leah

Many instantly stated Andrea won due to a sympathy vote for being partially blind, however this is not the case. The reason she beat others was down to area code. As often shows do, they vote based on who they like, or where they are from. With a whole country behind her, Andrea shocked the show but did deserve to win as a credible artist.

It wasn’t her condition, it was because she was Irish. Now, before anyone suggests ‘Irophobia’ I have had and do have friends who are Irish, get on well with them and not stigmatising the paddy’s. I love the paddy’s and they love me. However this is the way reality TV works. Producers know that voting on one demographic will line their pockets with gold and it always happens on X-Factor, for example. Eoghan Quigg and Janet Devlin were two very bad acts but got through because of the votes. Producers specifically pick for this to gain as much money as possible on phone votes.

Proud winner Andrea

Last year Leanne Mitchell, who has since flopped on her win to no man’s land was Welsh. Many were surprised Leanne, the worst of the four in vocal ability in the final of The Voice UK series 1, won the show because of Welsh voting.


Leah McFall’s mentor allegedly stormed off the stage when Andrea was announced. Danny O’Donoghue bolted up to congratulate his winning act to maintain bragging rights and be on the show for series 3. Lord help us.


Last year Danny dated one of his contestants Bo Bruce who went on to realise an album now unheard of.

Bo selector. Danny chooses duet with Bo.

My advice? Get used to it. This is how shows work and this is what will continue to happen. Your best chance of no disappointment is not to vote and accept this outcome. At least you wont be wasting the money on the producers gold cash ins.

Andrea does have more of a chance at success than Leanne but fans of the show feel it is headed the same way as before rendering the show pointless. Americans can always do the show better. The show currently airs on the ‘by the book’ safeguard channel BBC in the UK, funded by the taxpayer.

Image continues to annoy the BBC after he pounces on acts that fail to advance to steal them and produce or “work” with them under his record label. will tried to poach Joseph Apostle , of Filipino descent after losing out to Mike Ward in the semi finals from Sir Tom Jones’ team. Will did this last year on the show which frustrated BBC producers. Will is said to plan to launch Leah’s career after being furious she lost the vote. Jessie J also said that “Leah was the winner” earlier in the show.


Contender Leah

Overwhelmed Andrea secures a recording contract as the show attracted 7.2m viewers. Leah McFall’s performance from the show previously reach the top 10 record singles.



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The Voice UK Live show results Week 1

The Voice UK Live show results Week 1

By Dean Ashton

The first live shows of The Voice UK began on Saturday 28th April 2012. In this first round battle of live shows, Teams Will ( and Tom (Sir Tom Jones) took centre stage.

Here are the team performances with an overview on what could be done to improve. All suggestions are creative critism and advice for improvement.

First up was Joelle Moses for Team Will.

“I’m Going Down”

After her performance, Will stated she was the “bar setter “by going first, as Joelle was worried the placement of first on show would be forgotten or unrecognised, and exemplified her position in the competition as someone who will be heard then the next one comes on, etc etc.


Sam Buttery

“A Little Respect”

Sam sang a timeless Erasure tune. Capable of being a great song choice, Sam’s style fused with this song was tough to watch. Many felt tense or apprehensive watching this. Sam did not need 5 dancers, let alone any. The middle fifth dancer was an oversight. Sam, being in the middle, while two other dancers wither side made the line in place, coach Jessie J even felt there was no need for any of the dancers, which may have detracted from Sam’s overall projection.

Frances Wood

“Ain’t Nobody”

While Frances needs to gain a little more connection with the audience, it was the first show, and everyone is growing. While her hunky male dancers were “gyrating” with her and giving a rocky vibe with a new edge to the song choice of a Soul sultress, Wood managed to perform a Chaka Khan song that most would never be able to do with such integrity.

Wood has the potential to be a contender.

Adam Issac

“All My Life”

Adam sang the Foo Fighters classic with guitar, after struggling to find confidence, and noted this was his key issue. Will acknowledged his effects and lighting behind to set the tone for the Rock anthem, though Adam grew in confidence, his lacking style was apparent.

All Adam needs to do is forget the situation with confidence and just sing what’s in front of him. That will grow his confidence. If he continues to allow it to be an issue, it will always hold you back. He may have gotten a sympathy vote tonight.

Adam also expressed he suffered a minor injury after falling off stage in rehearsals. While I respect that, you cannot/shouldn’t use that as a form of excuse in the way he presented it.

Even when injured, the show must go on, no matter what. Even with injury on stage, Adam could have done more in his performance with the injury apparent.

Jaz Ellington

“At Last”

With a timeless classic, Jaz sang the late Etta James beautifully. However, it has all been done before and sparked no new style or exclaimation point as to whom or what Jaz stands for.

Everyone is raving about Jaz, and I totally respect his voice, though what contestants now forget is that it is a competition, and you have to set your identity on stage. Jaz is amazing, but the star he can be in the industry will fade out after one album, which is a shame, and something he needs to change if he wants this as much as he says he does. I don’t see ‘it’, even though I respect the Jazz/ Blues style and believe the genre must make a comeback to the business.

Leanne Mitchell

“Who Knew”

No one can deny Leanne performed a tender rendition of Pink’s song, though the problem was that it was forgettable. If she wants to crush the competition with her voice and tell people she is ‘here’ then she needs powerful tracks with a mix of genre. In other words not all ballads, though not all power bursters where she just stands there, as this can harm her later on in the series.

Sophie Griffin


Song choice is crucial. Sophie’s choice of Titanium was not interesting and provoked no emotional connection from the audience. It did not suit her tone or style she could achieve. Her voice is delicate and though aiming to be current, as the single, currently in the top forty sales charts, didn’t suit her.

See needed a song that would have authenticated her sound, instead of the look on stage.

Matt & Suleen

“Go Your Own Way”

Choosing a Fleetwood Mac feel good classic, most of the audience felt bored, as well as not being current, which may have placed both guys in the danger zone.

During earlier auditions, Matt and Suleen weren’t looking promising; however, in the battle rounds and on the live shows, both performed extremely well considering their improvement. Both feed off each other in a way that carries the song beautifully and deliver’s a strong vocal.

How they succeed may rely on song choice and feel of performance.

Tyler James

“Higher Love”

What a star. The record biz must come calling soon. Able to craft any song into his own and mould the tone with his own design, James is a powerful contender all should be wary of.

First Class Performance, sweet and charismatic. Needs a little more confidence, though this will grow over the course of the show.

Ruth Brown

“Get Here”

Another sure hit contender. Ruth smashed everyone out of the arena. With a gentle, fragile and melting sound, Ruth proved she is one to look out for. True talent that can topple contenders, everyone needs to bring their A-game when Ruth is around.

We may just have found ourselves a young, fresh soul diva.

After all performances both coaches would choose from the two polling the lowest number of public votes which one of those would continue in the process, sending the other home.

Tom’s team saw Sam alongside Matt & Suleen, where Tom chose for Sam to leave the show.

Will’s contestants in danger were Joelle and Sophie, where the coach selected Sophie to leave.

It is encouraging to see that the Voice got the voting “right”, as these were both the correct choices to leave the show. Both were in tears of their release.

Though many feel it is not much different to its music TV voting show rival, The X Factor.

One question has to be cast. Are the hopefuls now pressed into the singing spotlight of stardom too young to cope with the reality of rejection?

The award for most inconsistent comments on the show goes too…

Danny O’Donoghue