The Brit Awards 2013

The Brit Awards 2013

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You didn’t think you’d get away with this one did you? Below in every item presented can be a vital way of reforming the broken formula in any product, service or award ceremony. I am available should you need to hire a new force. You should consider it.

In previous years the Brit Awards have been filled with controversy. While the Brits are avoiding this and that is not a problem itself, though fans and critics are asking for trouble for fun, this show can be a success without disaster. From politicians, musical performance interruptions and expletives galore, and the infamous Ronny Wood challenge the awards have been a right laugh for controversy and interest.

Many are panning this Wednesday, 20th Feb’s Brits as “bland.” I disagree. They weren’t bland. They were dire! Non-descript, empty and botched out, winners were unknown, undeserving or just plain randoms. One saving grace from the Brits has been the musical performances. A couple of years back the Brits reformed stating the performances were the focus (ludicrous to make your awards second place) but the sets were going to be amazing. There have been numerous sets in past years that were outstanding, unique and concert worthy. The mash up’s of 2009, including The Ting Tings and Estelle were further highlight even when the ‘big names’ finished or came later.


The host has always been an imperative role. For the third, yes, third year running, lovely, bouncy, housewives favourite comedian James Corden was host of the show. This was one of its many problems. The assumption that everyone loves James Corden is an idiotic notion that the ceremony producers convince themselves in order to make them seem they know what is good for the show. Their stubborn attitude cost them dearly. Corden scrapped through three years ago with a bearable presentation. He should not have returned for a second series but with this Gavin and Stacey TV show ending and assumed to be the nation’s biggest favourite show, the Brits pounced. It was OK as a show, but wasn’t to the scale of heightened appreciation. The only way the Brits could possibly have this would be to parachute in Ricky Gervais. Golden Globes anyone? Although, now one has mentioned it, the Brits should be gracious to offer me a role producing, strategizing or in the audience typing my ivory keys on my keyboard. J I can get you what you need, but don’t go abusing it. The Brits is in need of serious revamps and PR.


I am a lover and supporter of the Arts and have immense time for it and others should get more involved for our culture and in-depth growth as human beings. This aside, Damien Hirst is a great artist whom I respect. However, those ‘Awards’ with a white statue and polka dot mess all over it looks more reminiscent of a Yazoo milk bottle. They are ugly. Awards should never be such and are an ‘Award’ meaning high levels of prestige and to acquire such a rare and exceptional feat of talent recognition is vital in the gong. I would be embarrassed if I won that and quite possibly refuse it! Marlon Brando eat your heart you!


OK, enough gabbing on the poor show structure, what of the awards themselves?

British Male Solo Artist – Ben Howard

British Breakthrough Act – Ben Howard


British Female Solo Artist – Emeli Sande

British Group – Mumford & Sons

International Male Solo Artist – Frank Ocean

International Group – Black Keys

Live Act – Coldplay

British Single – Skyfall, Adele

British Producer – Paul Epworth

Critic’s Choice – Tom Odell


Best Album – Our Version of events, Emeli Sande

Brits global success (International Sales of 2012) – One Direction

International Female Solo Artist – Lana Del Rey

Special Recognition – War Child


He’s come in for a lot of stick. Perhaps not his fault, who knows, however, WHO is Ben Howard? I m extremely well rounded and into new, alternative, indie and all rising music with an ear to the ground, but even I am stumped by Ben Howard.

The Brits felt it should honour moody Olly Murs with a nomination after talking about being snubbed for his rather meek music. While Olly may be a lovable guy, his music is somewhat off. This is no popularity contest. Calvin Harris was also nominated, alongside Richard Hawley and Plan B. While I am in favour of none of the nominees, though obvious decision to win should be Plan B, if the Brits didn’t want obvious pandering to make a farce of the show, how about nominating credible candidates?


Corden and the Brits were so obsessed with “patting themselves on the back” as Matthew Wright expressed on Friday morning’s The Wright Stuff, on Channel 5, Corden spoke to music insiders of the mainstream like record boss Simon Cowell, DJ Nick Grimshaw, singer Robbie Williams and others in terrible exchanges that were pointless, drab and did nothing for the show and all about ego. In contrast, those winners of the evening were not anywhere in the mainstream, apart from Cowell brainchild’s One Direction. Thanks for turning up, Si. I’m still awaiting a response, though never get one. You know what for. Obsessed with a tele camera, tanktop and media coverage, mogul Cowell uttered a few minimal words whilst chewing gum as he squawked.

An award ‘made’ for One Direction to encourage viewers to tune in was a practise that ate into any credibility the Brits hoped to have. ‘Hey, got an idea. Let’s nominate One D and we can get all the kids to watch.’ Have you forgotten that the demographics watching, past the watershed, no less are grown-ups, adults and matured teens? Sharon Osbourne’s epic fail attempting to make a penis joke about Harry Styles from a mother at sixty year old was unappealing. Mrs. O had also been previously involved in an online row with daughter Kelly’s fight with Lady Gaga earlier this year.

“So Macho! He’s gotta be…”

No gripes with Lana Del Rey, here! Deserved.

Adele won the best single for Skyfall. After last year’s doomed mistake, in which Adele responded with a deserved flipping of the bird for cutting her speech off, this year gave a humourous video message, in which she was rehearsing for the Oscars, as mentioned, and also stated she would keep it short. Producers said that it was preparing to “right that wrong” tonight for last year’s bungle. Cutting off Adele is like cutting off Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes or other Oscar people who have sheer prominence to the ceremony for their talent. You do not do so, so easily. If timing is an issue then you should have cu others of to allow space for people you know are coming up and need allocation.

Last year’s Brits flying faux pas!

The Brits were all over the place and have lost yearly viewers however this year’s crippling stumble has seen thousands turn their TV attention elsewhere. How can music media barons in charge of productions as big as this, and certain others previously addressed by FalseFabs, get it so wrong? Does it imply, which it does, that the producers are so out of touch with the changing and reality of the world that it goes on its statistics which actually tell you nothing about what is necessary to adhere to? Take a step back and get those needed on board instead of flaunting your own stylist principals which lack exactly that. The ceremony is non-existence, unworthy, and of no interest to be there. It’s simply become a waste of time. Change it, or scrap it! It can be saved, but those in charge may not know how to do so. Think!

Music ones to watch for 2013

After listening to all those bellow’s music to fully critique with advice and see just who may have the best chance/s to make it big in 2013, though I’m aware most who only review a band or singer don’t even hear their sound. These are just some of the many rising, but most profitable for stardom.

Tom Odell

tom odell

Outstanding tone, depth and charismatic undertones, equipped with piano tinkering greatness and evangelic vocals, Tom Odell is the biggest grower available to the business this year. Capturing fans with poise, precision and piquing their interest for the next coming moment carrying the listener along with depth, gothic undertones and rich numbness immobilising listeners in the sound becomes a raw talent many may instantly dismiss though for those who ‘get it’ are deeply immersed into the empathic journey from Odell expertly.

Willy Moon

Willy Moon

Willy Moon creates originality, exception and class from the offset. With an extremely cool, vibrant and likeable presence, Moon, who will do his ’own thing’ and do it exceptionally well added with intense beat and a pounding groove Wil has everyone eating out of the palm of his hand. With performances just as slick as his hair, it’s a miracle music execs have left him alone for so long.



On Gary Barlow’s radar and allowed to mature in her own world while giving flawless performances at the age of just eighteen, A*M*E’s launch with record “Play The Game Boy” was sharp, sufficient and cleverly done from such a young, debuting star, capable of bigger options. Now snapped up by Sony A*M*E plans to succeed her single with an album in 2013.


alt j

Winners of the Barclaycard Mercury Music Prize late last year, students Alt-J have a rapturous sound filled with tender beats perfectly used in light manner to endorse the sound tentatively and guide the listener to their own understanding of the sound that encapsulates quality. Let’s hope they get further recognition and album releases in the coming future from the business.

Laura Mvula

laura mvula

Instant beat and jingle encouragement of beats to instantly gain interest from audience draws the eye, or ear, to Mvula’s sweet yet raw sound. The ringing sound synonymous with Mvula rings highly for all in tune with her generous offerings. Being billed as a young Nina Simone is a tough and possibly unfair comparison for anyone, once compared, they transform stuck in the shadow, though Mvula has her own credentials the sound is both distinct and similar but developed her own style making her a true one to watch where big things are expected.

Aluna George


Smooth, stylistically structured and unafraid to do their own ‘thing’ AlunaGeorge put in an alternative music scene set with smooth electro beats, charisma and depth. Numerous levels opened up when hearing this band may open up brighter prospects over the next year. In contrast with the upbeat songs also maintain the style accordingly. Certainly captures attention instantly with music alone, first and foremost.  Palma Violets

Angel Haze

angel haze

Strong rap style with expletives and rapid ad libs, Haze may shock some initially with the extreme language, however the upcoming American rapper has a strong style, knows where her direction is at and wont apologise for remaining in charge of her creativity. Instantly compared to others as is the line paved out for all of these acts, Haze has made headway on her own merits. Her style is good, fresh and new, but if the beat doesn’t modify after six months into a bundle of records sounding completely similar, Haze will be swallowed by the musical juggernaut and lost in the system instead of aiming to breakout of it. Haze has also received numerous comparisons to the mesmeric Azaelia Banks. Perhaps not her fault, though if music producers or indeed Haze adopt this route, they may as well pack up and go home now.



Three piece girl band HAIM sport a subtle tone while adding a girl next door attitude equipped with instruments and non-conformist norms, however lacks a strong punchline to appeal to an audience overall. A sweet band, with smooth vocals. I find their charismatic depth like in Falling to be more appealing than say the slushy nice ones like Don’t Save Me. This may be their best options forward, but needs to gather an upbeat style somewhere inside for today’s market.


Cold soar … Kodaline

Kodaline’s mellow, soft and smooth expression carries the interest highly in melancholic numbers. Their tender and fragile vocals embedded into the sound and feel of the music is certainly a joy to hear. Able to be carried away with them in the music, highly empowering soul searching acoustic perfection and precise timing of style gives them a unique edge unseen in the business or by any band at all.


stunning wedding photography

A fresh band aimed towards a rap/grime R ‘n’ B style with some explicit tone might encourage the market of today’s society somewhat, however I find this uninteresting when it gets into the middle of the songs and towards the end, which makes it a struggle for the group to make an impact the way they wish. The start is sharp and fresh, yet remains constant throughout with no real oomph and only seemingly attempting to interest hip hop audiences and rebellious teens which don’t actually become interested in the music and adapt to setting alone.



Indie, club, pop fusion duo Disclosure add perfect contrast to today’s market filled with high levels of necessity, alternative sound and unique style that encourages all three’s music to reach different levels everytime. Striking a different sound everytime with fans, becoming infused into the sound and morphed into their own reality as a result dispersing all their troubles, stress and entering a plain of freedom, Disclosure are highly needed in the market on a widestream level.

Of the above, the best options for the industry to recognise with priority would be Tom Odell, Disclosure, Willy Moon, Alt-J and A*M*E. Granted you’ll probably all say, these are already, kind of, breakingout. The ones who really are coming through are Laura Mvula, AlunaGeorge and Kodaline.

Should the music business adapt and snare talented individuals, it will remain very healthy with certain talents recognised, maintained and allowed freedom of expression to keep audiences onside.