Album Review: George Ezra, Wanted on Voyage

Wanted on Voyage (2014)

George Ezra

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The music scene has recently developed over the course of time in the last few years. None more so than the smooth sounds of alternative and indie music. The latest revelation comes from the smooth and gifted sounds of one George Ezra.

With a melancholic, tender, rapturous sound Ezra’s tone with his acoustic setting has propelled him into a growing name for the music business. Having recently played at Glastonbury too, Ezra’s standout single, Budapest, has received slight acclaim. Though going unnoticed by many in the light of headline acts, Ezra is on the verge of a breakout.

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The Hertford crooner, at only twenty-one years of age adds cheery tone melded with a dress down style with wavy hair and unwarranted look instantly captivating his audience.

Launching his debut album Wanted on Voyage, Ezra has thought about his production. His album artwork alone is a joy to behold. The image of Ezra, surrounded in a sea of people instantly stands out with style and subtle tones only inside knowledge of an artist (which come in many forms) can be identified with semantic coding.

Ezra’s experiences backpacking in Europe have provided his focus for the album alongside his harmonious acoustic guitar providing exceptional narrative. Taking a glimpse into the mind and soul of his experiences, Ezra shares with us a mix of authentic blues, soul and acoustic splendour.  With a level of heartfelt pain and confusion the sound continues to peak interest.

His selling point on the album begins with his husky yet refreshing voice, differentiating himself from the pack as a unique songwriter in today’s repetitive market. Ezra offers nineteen tracks if you buy/stream on Spotify, yet keeps the average to sixteen. The flow of the tracks is carefully thought out, adding a cooldown period between big tracks only to pick up in between once more. ‘Did You Hear the Rain’ and ‘Cassy O’ are two more songs Ezra has smoothly added depth and character to.


Though Ezra isn’t completely sweet and beautiful as initially perceived. In ‘Spectacular Rival’, Ezra transforms from the sweet sounds to lurid tone boosting his performance rating from the ordinary to extra ordinary. Able to mix up the format, Ezra proves he can multi task and deliver. The narrative in ‘Blind Man in Amsterdam’ is yet another masterpiece in which he closes the album terrifically. The simplicity of his nature has added an effective and well thought out strategy to making a classic album that is well worth the time and purchase.

Travelling on Ezra’s journey to a harmonious foot tapping beat, with a mysterious turn around every corner, the twenty-one year old teen may have a handsome future should he follow up with continuity to intrigue.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Ezra entered into the Mercury Music Prize 2014 and may be a strong contender capable of the victory to boot.

For an impressive debut album after a previous year of EP’s and an introduction at the annual Glastonbury Festival, Ezra has grown tremendously. Now, Ezra could well become the new music indie star for 2014 and develop his sound even further. One thing is for certain; Ezra has placed himself on the musical map and stationed himself as one to lookout for.

If you’re keen on the Jake Bugg’s and Ed Sheeran’s but want a little differentiation, you are sure to enjoy the talent Ezra provides.

Rating – 4/5



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