Nintendo closing WiFi online gaming service

Shut down due to turn off gamers


For hardcore gamers pondering why the online service is choppy, disconnective and crashing the answer is what all fans fear.

As of May 20th 2014 Nintendo will betray its fanbase and close the online multiplayer services. This means it will be no longer available for gamers to play anyone around the world over the wifi connection. Nintendo assure the in game details will be retained.

This will offer little comfort to fans upset with the choices implemented.


The Wii, Nintendo DS and DSi services will all be discontinued online.

Many speculate the closure is down to raising the sales of the Wii U console, which has proved immensely unpopular after Nintendo favoured this by abandoning all Wii console content and future gaming titles.

In the pipeline is the Nintendo Fusion, a new console to be produced. This, however, will not claw back the hardcore gamers to simply buy a new console after Nintendo’s wayward management of the Wii model in conjunction with online play.

Fans will leave to actually play games online or adopt the Xbox or Playstation consoles instead.


For Nintendo this is a catastrophic and neglectful decision which gamers feel conned out of. In this economic recession only two sectors have boomed. They are the sex industry and the gaming sector. The fact Nintendo are resigning themselves from the market is simply going to drive consumers away. Attempting the strong comeback will be the game company’s biggest test. One many fan and gamers believe will not be achievable. Fans do not like to buy games to play online only to have them shut off at any point.


Fan Mock up of potential new console

In all honesty, Nintendo have simply cut themselves off and withdrawn as a competitor in the market, even if they have plans to relaunch new consoles. For them, the game is well and truly over.

The Wii was the first cutting edge technology to produce interactive gameplay with movement sensor interaction. They simply let it fade away. What a shame.